Semicon Industry Partner

The SIP GmbH is an independent service provider for the semiconductor, microelectronics and MEMS industry, its suppliers and customers.


In collaboration with a European unique and independent expert pool the SIP GmbH offers services and solutions for semiconductor technology , semiconductor processes and semiconductor production.


Our customer base primarily includes the European semiconductor manufacturers, who provide new microchips and MEMS devices for a wide and differentiated range of applications (e.g. for automotive, communication , security).


Consulting services focusses in business areas "Semiconductor Technology" and "Semiconductor Production" on our core competences:


SIP consulting and service offering for semiconductor technology and production



Our offer for you:

  • Customized solutions for "small" to "complex" problems
  • First solution proposals within a week
  • Responsiveness around the clock ( 24/7 )
  • Access to large number and varity of partners from industry and research